royal salute



This original blend was then blended with other exceptionally aged whiskies to create the first batch. Before bottling this first batch, Master Blender put some whiskies back into 88 casks and matures them further. And he adds those 88 cask whiskies in the next batch. 

Then the Master Blender repeat same process again and again. Each time he blends new batch, 88 cask whiskies from the previous batch are added into new batch. And some whiskies from the new batch are preserved for the next batch. By doing so, the original blend of 88 casks is always at the heart of The Eternal Blend, retaining the impeccable lineage of the blend. 

The result is an exquisite blend with extra smoothness, enhanced balance and matured deeper richness that can be achieved from the eternal circulation of the 88 casks.