With one studio located in London, whoever the client we guarantee at least one director is involved in every project – from start to finish. Although the way we work is as a close team, everyone mucks in together. The directors sit at the same desks as the designers - we don’t really do hierarchies.

That approach extends to our clients who treat us like peers – friends even, and like to go with us on the creative journey.

We have strong links with the best art schools in the country, and nurture our young talent. Designers rarely leave Nude.

We believe in a blend of youth and experience, that allows us to respect everything we know and understand, but constantly challenge established thinking, and to always look at things with a fresh perspective.

We are Nude Brand Creation and we would love to hear from you. 




ART series



In 2009 we instigated the Nude Art Series. Every year we seek out an up-and-coming artist and commission a limited edition, which we share with clients and friends. This is way of keeping our creative energy high and allows us to indulge ourselves in working with new creative talent